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Supply and Demand - February 12, 2006


Happy Early V-day

for all those who are into that ^^; Not much of a v-day comic but meh not like Rice Cafe is big on the event hehe But it just got me thinking of next weeks comic idea XD Anyways, I really hated when customers would complain about these types of things. It’s not our fault we run out of “FREE” samplers or promotional items. It always says while supplies last cause yeah it’s a first come first serve basis. The companies are spending lots of money just to give out these free samples and they don’t even have to do it. So I don’t get ungrateful customers who think it’s their right to get a free item for nothing. Boo to you and boo to your attitudes towards cashiers especially because we actually have to hear your complaints. If you wanna complain about your “right” to get this free sampler, you go write to the company yourself! Don’t shoot the messengers.

- Simple Panda

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