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How to carry your items - December 4, 2005


tired of thinking...

Well I’ve been in a rut with a lot of things lately. Soon enough I’m gonna give in and just find a regular job and quit dealing with clients one on one with designing…maybe. It’s mostly just been a headache since some customers seem to be tight on the budget and trying to squeeze as much out of me as possible with little compensation. What I’m getting paid by most of my customers wouldn’t even be enough to earn a living each month. So I wish they would stop being so unreasonable about the payment…

On another note, this comic was based off something I read on a site called customers suck. Besides the fact that quite a bit of the disgruntled CSRs who post there swear, it’s actually a funny site and really expresses a lot of what CSRs have to deal with. You understand why I like the site so much lol But yeah when I read this post I thought it really was just too funny. It was so logical that I had to wonder what the customer was thinking when she refused the shopping basket.

Oh yes and the convention I went to last week was a total bomb since I didn’t make much of a profit. If you wanna know more about it go to the main page of and you’ll find my report of it.

Anyways that’s all for now…

- Simple Panda

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