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Messy Customers - October 31, 2005


Pet Peeves

That was one of my pet peeves when I worked at Blockbuster. The fact that people made a total mess of displays (sometimes knocking it over and walking away) or they were eating something and dropped it on the floor and didn’t bother to pick it up and put it in the garbage. I mean seriously people how would you like it if we went to your house and did the same thing? It’s disrespectful and makes more work for the staff just to clean up. And believe me, cleaning up some sticky caramel chocolate that was dropped on the carpet and stepped on isn’t something we are suppose to be doing! Just goes to show how respectful you are to others when you do that.

But anyways, yes I know tomorrow is Halloween but I don’t celebrate that :p Not my thing so I don’t do any art concerning this event. Free candy sounds very tempting though but I’m a little too old for that lol

- Simple Panda

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