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What Kasumi likes - September 25, 2005


Yeah for free food

Or at least free when I use to work there lol Our place would give us free food when we went on our lunch break. Usually food places will give you a 50% discount or something so employees would still have to pay, but our place was different until the new management came XP But yeah I was known for liking a lot of sauce on my stuff. I usually do that cause I could hardly taste the sauce unless there was quite a bit of it… ok maybe not to the extreme of Kasumi but more than what most people would put hehe but it was very very yummy =9

And at our place the sauce was dispensed through something that looked like a caulking gun, you know those things that you use to patch up in between areas like between tiles and window sills? It was very handy to use.

- Simple Panda

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