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Do it with a smile - September 11, 2005


bleh =_=

Haven’t been feeling creative this week. I haven’t been able to finish a single piece and I lagged big time when posting this week’s comic. I feel so…drained ><

Umm…anyways this page somewhat happened to me except I couldn’t do it with a smile lol… There are times when you push me to the point where i won’t care. I’m usually very friendly and cheerful when serving customers. But yeah the guy basically thought that he could get me to take off the late fees that he admitted he did. Ahh yeah sure buddy. He threatened to go to the competition (which is what most of them do) and said to cut up his card when I didn’t budge. Cutting the card wasn’t that bad hehe. But it’s funny to think that they actually think we care if you go to the competitors. News flash to everyone who rents videos from the big video chains THEY DON’T CARE. We were even trained to tell people to go to the competitors if we or another of our stores didn’t have what they were looking for. Anyways yeah I’m done ranting cause I’m tired. Off to bed for me~

- Simple Panda

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