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Treasure the cute moments… - August 14, 2005


35 minutes late X_X

Yup I’m 35 minutes late sorry people…I’ve had quite a day since a lot of things happened. First went off to meet with some of my studiomates to discuss our progress for the upcoming convention. Then I had to go to my cousin’s house cause my nephew was celebrating his 3rd birthday! Awwwee so cute X3

When I got home I had over 100+ message in my Deviant Art inbox and though I told myself I wasn’t gonna reply to them until i finish the comic i ended up replying to more than half of them instead on focusing on the comic page =_=; sowy really really sowy… I think I’m lingering in this point in the comic too long so this week I’ll be sure to switch the area and situation around ^^; Just thought I’d add a cute moment for this one since you don’t see Yuri talk much through most of this.

I’ve also been goofing off by working on some random character designs for some new chibis. Not for Rice Cafe but just for a general sense. I wanted to do designs with Chinese characters so i did Chinese chibis (at least in my standards lol) So now i’ve got 2 new chibis and their mascots X3 I’ll post up the link for the new site with the new characters as soon as I’m finished setting everything up. I’m very happy with them and especially with the mascots because they are so simple but really really adorable! Ok that’s all the news for now ^_^ Make sure to check out the main page for art updates.

- Simple Panda

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