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The reaction - August 7, 2005


3 more weeks

Only 3 more weeks t’ill the CNAnime convention and I still have a couple of things to finish up. Most of the second chapter of Lotus Wish has been finished and I have to tone the pages now. Plus I have to finish off the pages for the first chapter which I wasn’t able to finish during the last convention. I’m going to have chapter 1 and 2 in one volume as a bonus pack since I missed out on the last pages of the first chapter.

I have a couple more prints to finish up before the convention as well. I’ll be printing a lot of stuff tomorrow at a friend’s house cause my ink is getting low and he so graciously offered his printer X3 (since he gets ink for free anyways :p) Wow another crunch time for me but I’m glad i’m better prepared for this one. Since I’ve got a lot finished all I’m really worried about is Lotus Wish. In terms of the status of Lotus Wish going on the internet, I’ve decided that I will only start posting the story when I’m almost done or if I’m done completely. So that way I’ll post the pages one at the time but for those who would actually like to read the whole thing right away can order a copy of the whole story. Better for support plus it’s better than having me do another delay type webcomic like Rice Cafe ^^;;

Anyways I’m off for now and be sure to check up on main page for updates on the recent prints I’ve made!

- Simple Panda

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