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Kasumi’s Office Experience - June 11, 2005


OMG Finally!

Yup it’s an official update to the comic. Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry I know it’s a couple of weeks behind. But lots to do and things to get done. I finally got that illustration book out of my schedule and i updated the main website~ Soon our studio DYV will be adding the official “Rice Cafe Comic” as part of our label for all the comics we’ll be putting out together XD My friend liked the sound of my comic name and decided to use it as our label. But hopefully people won’t get confused haha I’ll have a link for it soon and I already finished the official logo wahaha

A little bit about the comic above. This really happened at work and I was shocked that this person said something like that to me. I’m not a personal graphic designer that can do things at the whim of people’s requests but she certainly thought she had the right. Plus saying that I must still not know English very well just tells you exactly what she thinks about me just because I’m Chinese… Anyways had a good laugh with it later.

- Simple Panda

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