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The Meeting Part 2 - May 12, 2005


A little sick

yup kinda sick right now… only good thing coming out from it is the fact that went home earlier from work. Bad news is that I gotta get more rest which means less time to work on all the stuff I need to finish ;_; very bad timing! *stresses herself out and makes herself more sick* waahhh!! I’m sure it’s a passing thing but still =_=

Anyways earlier post for this week since i had already finished drawing this page after i drew the page before. I just haven’t gotten around to inking it until now.  I dunno where I’m going with this comic anymore. It was suppose to be just random stuff but I gotta wonder if I should put an actual story to it…hmmm… something to think about for later XP

Anyways I’m off to try and do some more work before getting some rest. No rest for the artists! ><

- Simple Panda

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