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The Meeting Part 1 - May 8, 2005


Happy Mother's Day

To all the mothers happy Mother’s day! We should be grateful to our mothers right? So celebrate it with the thought of gratefulness ~_^  I still have to finish working on so many things so I’m really going to be tight on updates. I might end up having to post up some of the pages for my other stories for you guys until May finishes cause drawing more pages just takes up too much time right now.

Anyways for those gonig to Anime North expect my table to be wandering around. I’ll be selling my naruto chibi charms (which sold out in CNAnime) as well as trying to make laminated key cards. I dunno if I’ll sell anything for Rice Cafe though that would be a good idea to advertise the comic. I’ll see how much time I’ve got. If things keep up the way they are doing at work I’ll probably ask them to work less until they pick up cause I haven’t even gotten paid for April and it’s beginning to close in on the middle of May.  OMG so much stress…my fault of course XP Blast back to work! *runs off to do more work*

- Simple Panda

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