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Yuri’s Boyfriend! - April 29, 2005


A little fan service

meh whatever that means =p I was asked to add some guys to the comic so here we go. A comic taking away from the haha and more in the introduction purpose of *drumroll* yes a guy! Meh dunno how well it turned out but whatever I’m sleepy and posting this up this late has to say something about my sleeping patterns =_=

Tight tight scheduling with all my work. Yesh I’m slacking off in areas but I think I shall be calling on the assistance of my fellow artist friend to help me with the drawing and clean up since i don’t wanna fumble this illustration job up >< I’m just adding more and more to my plate so I dunno how much more i can handle. I haven’t even thought about the stuff I would display for Anime North!!!! *overload* Must…finish…!!!!!!

- Simple Panda

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