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Cute but a little clueless? - April 21, 2005


Ran out of Gas

Early post but ran out of gas for a page this week so it isn’t really that funny =p I’ve been working on a lot of site stuff lately so that may also be contributing to this lack of creativity. Plus the fact that this book deadline is creeping up on me so quickly that it’s hard for me not to feel the pinch >< *sigh*

Added a link to a new project called stories that give. Donations & percentage of purchase proceeds go to help charities (haven’t decided on which ones yet but I’ll be sure to post it in that site when it is decided) I thought it would be a great idea in terms of support. This time not support for the artist who is sharing stories for free but to support a good cause.

Plus I added a new blog called enLightening Bulb which is basically a blog which talks about Christian topics. When I had attended a bible study just a little while ago I saw that the youths brought up some very good questions that need more research on my part. So I made this blog to not only help answer some questions through research all based on the bible but to also show that it is important to use the bible as their main source for anything they need to back up about their questions. I know I don’t have all the answers but this blog is also a challenge to me to not only help others but to strengthen my growth in my faith.

I guess that’s all for updates for now. More to come…

- Simple Panda

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