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Bad interviews - April 17, 2005


Busy busy busy

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it =p New comic up and running. This is something that happened when my family went to a photo shoot for our family photo. They had a couch for people to wait and sit on. My older brother sat down and it totally sank lol He made me try it and yeah the couch was quite flimsy. So ever since then I had the idea for having that type of couch in a waiting room at an interview. Haha it’s too much to put that kinda couch for people to sit on.

But yes anyways, been doing a lot more sketches lately. ┬áIt’s hard to stay focused on all the tasks I have to do since I’m doing them alone. It ends up having end results like this.

I promised you guys I’d show this to you when I got it scanned so here it is. I can tell you that I was almost pulling out my hair trying to put all that detail in there. Me being Miss. Simplicity I like things clean but I admire people who can put so much detail into their work. I saw an artist put that much detail in all their panel pages of their comic and i just had to push myself to do this picture. Good thing too cause it’s a good picture for the artbook my friend is setting up.

- Simple Panda

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