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Read before you buy - April 10, 2005


What was posted yesterday

Well this post was suppose to be posted yesterday but the script didn’t like the fact that I updated at 12am =p So here we go again.

When I heard my friend’s account of what she did I just couldn’t believe it. I thought it was one of the funniest things I’ve heard in the longest time! She ended up eating like 8 pieces of the antacid called Rolaid. I’ve heard of the brand but surprised to think that not only has she never heard of it but she mistook it for mints. I couldn’t stop laughing & I was groggy when she told me this. But wow that just woke me up haha! (I’ve noticed I’m doing more typos since I’m getting sleepy >_>;)

Update on my projects. Hmmm…still slowly progressing…I just hate inking that’s all =p I’ve also been working on the image for this illustration book a friend wants to publish under the theme of technology. Three days for a sketch that had been constantly bugging me cause I’m not one who usually puts a whole lot of detail into her work. When I’m happy with it I’ll post up the sketch in my deviant account & post the link here.

- Simple Panda

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