What happen to Easter? - April 3, 2005



Just to tell you now if you don’t read the rants you won’t know what’s new around here!

Yup another busy week and another late comic. What can I say? I’ve been working on that illustration project for that writer which I have only 33 days to complete now. Actually I’ve gotten a lot of the drawing done. It’s the formatting that I’m a little worried about. You’d think that I could at least get the digital copy of the script but nope he only gives me a hard copy which just means more time wasted typing everything out. Oh well what can I do?

And yes I have some news for everyone. I dunno if you will take it as good or bad cause it might affect the updating of Rice Cafe. dun dun dun… ahem…well I’ve been drawing quite a bit of pages for Unmarked. If anyone has been reading up on the message board (which I suggest all visitors to sign up for so I can see your spamming!) I have been talking about my recent projects there. Unmarked is already 30 pages in the making and still going…slowly but surely.  I’ve also wanted to work on this newer project which is more down to earth (kinda like Rice Cafe) but in story romancy form. I always love those types of stories so sue me =P But I wanna see how well they do on their first showing on the net. If they don’t do so well I won’t bother posting more pages but if they do, that would mean they are another piece of project to put my energy on. That means that Rice Cafe would end up being randomly updated and not even weekly (which I know it’s already a pain to wait for the updates). So I want to know what you guys have to say about it! Go to the message boards and chatter around and tell me what you think so I can figure things out.

- Simple Panda

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