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Too busy - March 12, 2005


Sleepy =_=

I’ve been sleepy for the past few days now XP I dunno what’s up with my body but it’s just not waking up fully through the day. I’ve been busy through out this week and didn’t even have time to draw an earlier comic page until today =\ sorry guys.

Anyways I guess it isn’t too bad that I did it today cause yesterday I had a talk with a person who was working as a cashier. She said they were so busy that she didn’t have time to go to the washroom for most of her work period. Kinda scary cause she is suppose to get a break after 5 hours of work. But I’ve been in this situation before…Too bad i had to suck it in until I was dismissed to my break before I could do anything XP Haha if it was really bad i probably would have had the shift leader stick on till until i got back.

But yeah thought it was quite a amusing when she told me that hehe but yeah busyness can be cruel sometimes ;_;

- Simple Panda

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