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You sue I sue - February 24, 2005


Couldn't help it :p

Ahahah I couldn’t help myself. I dunno if you guys have read the articles about the state of NJ suing blockbuster for their “No late fee” policy but I thought it was too funny. Especially since a while back there were people suing blockbuster for HAVING late fees. I may not work their anymore but I took this quite personally cause I think they are getting a lot more headache cause of people who don’t understand the policies as well as those greedy butts who just want to find anything to try and sue them. How the policy works now is you get an extra week grace period for your movie to be returned. In order for people not to abuse the system what happens is after the grace period if you still don’t return the movie, you are charged the movie price and you buy the product. You still have a 30 day period to return the movie though. If you return it within those 30 days you don’t have to buy the movie and that charge is taken off of your billing. You pay a small re-stocking fee cause the movie is out of the system and they have to re-shelf it again. If you go to any normal business, they will charge you a re-stocking fee if you cancel an order or if you return a product outside of it’s regulated date. A re-stocking fee is NOT a freaking late fee people. It’s the fee you pay for the work that the employees have to do cause YOU brought your movie after the grace period.

Even with late fees I thought it was amusing seeing people argue their way out of something they knew they did. It’s called the “self-righteous” ego and working for blockbuster I’ve seen quite a bit of it. I’m not saying all customers are like that cause 90% of my customers were fantastic and total sweethearts who understood the policy. The other 10% just gotta say you need to wake up and remember that the world doesn’t revolve around you.

I’m done ranting cause I’ve got work to do =_=;;

- Simple Panda

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