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Can’t get up - February 6, 2005


No meat in protein diet?

Well guys another page up and running just in time before the next week comes around…which would be tomorrow XP! Sorry I had drawn 2 other pages but they didn’t fit well and I got this in my head last night so thought I should post this one.

Anyways today’s topic…no meat in a protein diet? that’s like 80% of the protein intake… >_> and my mother suggested to take that out. She jokingly suggested to return the cheese we bought as well…although how much of a joke that was I have no clue. What in the world is she thinking?! Ok fine right now most of my food consumption is soft tofu but seriously that is not filling oO; It’s bad enough were on this protein diet but to take away the meat is just really mean :p Take out the meat and we’ll be like vegitarians except we can’t eat too much veggies either cause they still contain carb…*falls to the ground* Plus vegitarians can at least eat breads and such :p Oh my what a depraved eating habit our family is getting into lol

- Simple Panda

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