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New Years Resolution - January 3, 2005


Happy New Years everyone

New Years 2005 has quickly come upon us. Wow gotta think a lot about what were doing with our lives huh?…well enough of that time for the first comic post of the year :3 I dunno how well many people are in keeping their new years resolution but I’m not very good at all lol

I’ve been trying to figure out how to lightly put to my boss “I quit” cause she’s so cheery all the time. Whenever I talk to her I can’t seem to say it X_x bleh maybe in today’s meeting. Supposedly she wants to train another staff member as a Shift leader which means that there is less work load but I’ll have to see how it goes.

Oh yes and remember last update i did with the customer arguing about not paying a fee? It happened again this time at New Years eve. It’s bad enough that I had to stay at work until 11:20pm cleaning up the store but this customer really put a number on my night. The same stupid argument except this time he DEMANDED me to do something about it. Basically he said “I have a $2.88 fee on my account. I was only an hour and a half late. Do something about it.”  *cough* what do I have to say to that? umm…NO if it’s valid it’s valid and he knew he was late too. So what would be my reason for taking it off especially since he was basically demanding me to do it? So I ended up cutting up his card upon his request and giving him our store info. I’m sure when he thought about it over the night he might have figured that his argument had no logic behind it and he was being a total baby…but than again maybe not. Probably what I liked the best about that was he threatened me by saying they would go to the competition…Give me a break. Our store “suggests” you to go to other places if you can’t find what you’re looking for at our store. We don’t care of you go somewhere else!  But meh can’t linger on it cause it’s a new start so gotta get things on the ball!

That’s all for my ranting…See ya next update ~_^

- Simple Panda

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