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Can’t argue with… - December 31, 2004


New Years Eve Post!

Hey everyone! Well I’ve got up my new years eve post before going to work (thank goodness I did it on time) and yes I do have to go work today until 10pm =_=. The last comic of the year :O Then the new year will come ^_^ I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year celebration!

Well here’s what’s up with the comic post for today. The last time I was working two people in the same batch of customers complained about their late fees even though they knew for a fact that they were late. What was their argument? “It was only (insert minutes here) late. I don’t see why I would be charged for it.” I thought it such a stupid argument with no logic that I just had to make my next page about it. I always think that if they gave that excuse to the bank they would still be charged and to a CEO they would probably be in deep trouble. No matter what there would be a consequence. For our video store it’s late fees :p Anyways, when I thought about CEO I thought of the very popular show The Apprentice. I for one am not into reality TV and have only watched like half an episode of this show. But thinking about his attitude towards the stupid remarks the contestants gave him, also gave me the idea to give him a guest cameo in my comic ^_^ If someone got him as their customer rep. they probably wouldn’t be able to argue. Oh yeah and those two other characters are those two other executives that sit on either side of him. I didn’t want to actually use “you’re fired” cause I heard he wanted to try and copyright it lol

That’s it for now :3 see you in the new year!

- Simple Panda

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