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Management Staff - December 19, 2004


I'm late...again

Yes I know I’m late ^^; sorry…But I’ve got it up by at least the end of this week hehe that’s something. I’m going to try and do 3 more pages for this week since it’s Christmas week ^_^ I have so many ideas before doing a Christmas comic so I wanna try and play them out before it’s too late. But knowing me I might not do it =\ ¬†We’ll see.

Anyways this little incident is taken from one of my co-workers who told me what happened at a shop where a girl blew a fit just cause they didn’t have what she wanted. A kid actually offered her the one they had and they would just get something else. I think that is very very sad. If people actually act like that i dunno how the heck they were raised but one thing for sure, they are spoiled.

Go live in Singapore! Heard on the radio that Singapore is charging residence a fee if they are caught with anything that can harbor mosquitoes. Than again Singapore will charge you for spitting gum on the ground so they are quite strict there. I wish I could just grab all these spoiled bunches and drop them into Singapore and see how they can handle actual discipline. Cause people these days are not only spoiled but aren’t grateful for what they have. Always wanting more.

That’s it for my rant this time around. Since Christmas is coming soon I suggest everyone to really think hard of what they have ^_^


- Simple Panda

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