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No Good Points - June 25, 2004


Lots to do!

Hey everyone, if you haven’t notice already We’ve moved! Was kinda confusing for me to set these pages up though >< Still working out the kinks so if you see anything out of place be sure to tell me o_O Anyways page 4 has been posted so I hope you enjoy ^_^ Being a cashier isn't easy that's for sure. My parents today were complaining about a chasier who was taking long with another customer. Of course as a cashier myself I had to explain to them why this was happening >_>; A lot of people don’t understand what we go through cause they haven’t done it themselves or forgot how it felt to be in these type of situation XP

On a lighter note my parents are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary tomorrow! Congrats to them but now I gotta make sure that I finish their gift by tomorrow =\\ A little hard when i have ot help set up a lot of stuff for the party.
Blah anyways enough of this mindless bantering 😛

- Simple Panda

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