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Poke and Twitch - September 26, 2010


LOL not dead!...

at least for today. Yes I was told to update even though I have not had the motivation to do comics what so ever. But reading my Rice Cafe comic yesterday gave me nostalgia so I thought i might as well finish off the rest of the ideas written down for Random Applesauce. Just so you guys know, due to work circumstances, the ideas for R.A. may run dry soon.

Who knows maybe r3cca and I can figure out another way to keep it alive…or maybe I will actually be willing to update Rice Cafe to finish off it’s open ended hiatus. Whatever the case, I make no promises due to my schedule and laziness. Enjoy everyone!

- Simple Panda

It... it's ALIVE!!

Well… not really, but still you’re not dreaming, Random Applesauce has updated. I had requested this update quite some time ago, but I didn’t promise anyone when this update would be up. ┬áSo here is your 3 panel update of goodness.

I can summarize the comic in one line “STOP POKING ME!”

- r3cca

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