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A time for work and a time for lunch - November 4, 2009


Working through lunch...

is usually the case at our workplace. I guess it is also our own faults since we tend to sit at our computer desks to eat lunch instead of going to the lunch room, which gives people an excuse to be able to bother us while on our break. But than again it’s so much trouble to have to get up to go to the lunch room to eat when we could be doing more productive things like surfing the internet…

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- Simple Panda

I wish...

I really do… ¬†Unfortunately for me if I’m at my desk that gives people the impression that they can ask me stuff. ¬†Regardless if there is a tight deadline within the next day or so, or even within the next hour; or if I’m working on a critical issue; or in this case eating lunch, people still feel it’s alright to interrupt what I’m doing.

I’m okay with it most of the time, however when it does happen my “velocity” on things being worked on drop significantly, as such work that’s supposed to get done doesn’t get done which in turn causes upper management (who are people that interrupt me quite often I might add) question as to why the work isn’t getting done.

Domino effect… le sigh

- r3cca

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