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Out of Office Bonding - May 17, 2009


Long Hiatus Periods...

I know they are annoying but what can I do :p Lots of things that take priority and so little motivation lately to do any comic related things. But please bear with me as I slowly get pages up.

For those who are fans of my previous web comic Rice Cafe, I’m sure you’ll notice the little cameo of them within this strip 😉

One final note, for updates and random nonsense about my absolutely boring life, be sure to check me out on twitter. Bai for now

- Simple Panda

Bribery sometimes works...

True story.  If life gives you free apples, try to resist or you may get stuck watching a movie instead of doing something more productive; like sitting around on your chair staring at your computer screen doing absolutely nothing.  Productive indeed…

My sister has unfortunately been rather swamped with a lot of work due to upcoming events and or random spurs of laziness that happens to kick in during the phases of her day.  Rest assured updates will come!  When… I don’t know, how many?  I still don’t know…  However!  I do know that…  I like using ellipses…

- r3cca

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