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A Gamer’s Moment - December 28, 2008


Simple words

It’s the type of media that allows you to associate even a simple word into an iconic meaning that make the world of entertainment quite a powerful tool. Kinda scary when you think about it but I guess it also gives a sense of familiarity to certain aspects of life that link with some sort of enjoyment.

On another note, my ventures into coding have lead me to merge Rice Cafe and Random Applesauce’s source code into one so I don’t have to worry about maintaining them separately. Unfortunately, this took a good 3 hours to figure out in which time I also had to fix specific code in Rice Cafe (and am still trying to work out the kinks). Does this mean any progress in Rice Cafe itself? Who knows…only a long period of time will tell.

- Simple Panda

C-C-C-Combo Breaker!!

Killer Instinct… Enough said…

- r3cca

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