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Special People - September 14, 2008


Just in Time!

Thought I would be late to post this comic before the update feed registered but I’m glad it got uploaded on time. It’s been one of those weeks where I really don’t want to do anything so it’s really been hard on my work.

But the upside is the fact that I finally got PandaPad.Com converted to wordpress after so much time figuring out the code. It gives me relief to know that my hard work will let me do a lot of updates on my main site with ease. Than again knowing me I’m a lazy person anyways and will tend to leave updates undone for quite some time…makes me wonder about the future of my comics lol

- Simple Panda

Everybody's Special!

In the sense of being special I would like to point out that everyone is special in their own way. However, that means being special is a “normal” thing. Doesn’t that conclude that if we’re special we’re normal and if someone were to be truly normal then they would be the special ones? Then again what would define normal in that sense? Who knows… Such a wonderful train of thought can fuel me into a never ending loop of absolute time killing and sink me into an oblivion of boredom. *shrug* Oh well, time to go back to being “normal”

- r3cca

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