Quality Assurance Hero - August 3, 2008


Hi ho hi ho...

it’s off to do more work I go. Will post up more of a description later…

- Simple Panda

True Quality Assurance

It’s one thing to be able to break a program, it’s another to look forward and enjoy breaking a program. Quality Assurance teams (Q.A. for short) is a team comprised of people whose sole purpose is to destroy every fabric of an application. If there exists even a remote issue with the application their job is to find it. This will ensure that the application will have minimal bugs at time of release to a client.

One of our Q.A. members truly enjoys the feeling of breaking the applications that our developers including myself have spent countless hours to create. To be frank he loves failing our applications and has been marked with nicknames to represent. However, I will not say much more then that as I’m not sure my sister’s plan when it comes to exposing this hero of the Q.A. system.

- r3cca

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