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Suspicious Gift - July 26, 2008


Busy Month

August is going to be a busy month for me since I have the FanExpo convention to get ready for as well as lots of things to do at work. On top of that I’ve got clients contacting me for work while I try to keep actively updating things for my site and online shops. Please bear with me as I trudge to do the updates =_=; Though I’ve switched to a 3 panel comic it doesn’t make toning and cleaning any easier (especially since Rice Cafe was only pencil hatch shading)

As for the comic, it explains itself. He did it again after reading the DoDo comic.

- Simple Panda

I love that DoDo

Enough said… 🙂

I don’t feel like typing a long winded rant because well, my left pinky is swelling like mad, almost as if it was stung by thousands of bees at the same time. Actually I’m pretty sure I hurt it while lifting the vacuum. How? I’ll let you imagine it…

And now for a public service announcement from yours truly:

Exit Trance Wins…

- r3cca

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