Provoking Pain - July 20, 2008


Happens a lot

Yup probably 98% of the time it’s my brother who instigates it so this usually ends up happening. So instead of fists we use poking and instead of fighting he just does it to annoy me… I’m sure of it.

Oh yes and don’t take mind to a lot of my brother’s constant notices that things don’t happen exactly the same way. I’m sure everyone is smart enough to know that right? Right? Since I do all the work he can’t say anything about it anyways :p

- Simple Panda

Exponential Returns...

I’d write a long winded rant about this, but it’s pretty self explanatory. I poke my sister once, she returns it ten fold. Almost as if that one light poke I give her is some end all be all poke of destruction which provides enough reason for her poke me with an exponential return. I forget to mention that I would never in my life say “owe”; I shall lecture my sister on that one later.

- r3cca

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