Dead flash light - July 13, 2008


Enough with the flash light

You’re probably tired of the flash light story by now but I guess it was better sequential to make sense. That flash light has become more dangerous as now it flickers instead of a steady stream of light. I wonder what’s worse, getting blinded or getting a seizure from looking at it?

In any case thanks to everyone who’s been reading the comic so far and for all my old and new fans I hope you continue to support my work 😉

- Simple Panda

Blinding Experiences...

Well my sister wrapped up the flashlight chain! Just started and she already made a short story of randomness. Once again the flash-light wanted to burn my own eyes out instead of my fellow developers. It’s almost as if it has some sort of programmatic conditional logic to know whether or not it should display its beam of eye burning destruction

- r3cca

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