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The Blinding Weapon! - July 6, 2008


Not feeling it...

I don’t feel like doing any of my work, I didn’t feel like colouring this comic and I know I should be doing something productive right now but I’m not… All thanks to RO and I’m not even really playing it right now just being idle! Sad…very very sad…

Plus right now I’m not feeling well cause I think my bottom wisdom tooth is coming out and it’s painful. I just got a shooting pain that woke me up in the morning from it. Gotta love my positive comments this week :p

- Simple Panda


The tool of mass destruction betrayed me at a very important moment… The moment I wished to flash my co-workers eye to the point of oblivion! However this co-worker seems to have this barrier of protection around him, at any point in time whenever I wished to use the flashlight on him it never worked. The minute I took my seat it started working again, I was dumbfounded, it truly is a mystery I have yet to solve.

- r3cca

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