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Safe Flash light - June 29, 2008


Once a week

Yup it’s the time where I’ll start doing updates maybe only once a week. I’m sure you guys are sooooo bored of the comic by now 😉 If I feel like it I will update one to two times a week depending on my scheduling.

That flash light was quite strong for such a small thing. The irony of it coming from an organization that was promoting health and safety in the work place is just classical LOL Mind you both of us got blinded by that thing and it isn’t so safe in close range. Than again I doubt they would have expected us to be looking at the light directly…

- Simple Panda

Health and Safety...

I see blasphemous lies! This story is quite true, as I was walking through the treacherous tunnels of mass evil and smells (aka the subway) I received an instrument of great importance… a tool to increase the safety of the workplace. A flashlight key-chain! Little did I know that this tool of great importance would soon be turned into a weapon of eye burning destruction.

After we arrived at the workplace I showed the intriguing device to my sister. We had assumed it wasn’t going to do much since it was such a tiny tool. To my surprise, a few seconds later a giant flash shined into my eyes, almost like those cartoons “walk into the light”. Then it came to reality my eyes were burning!!! Oh the humanity… In the end the health and safety would cause the downfall to my eye sight. Well not really, but really that tool isn’t all that safe.

- r3cca

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