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Controllable Bodily Function - June 25, 2008


Bad timing

This situation of a sweat-off tends to actually happen quite a bit… kinda gross even though it’s just salt and water :p

And my brother got me back into RO…bad idea! Now I’m leveling when I should be doing work. I kinda miss the good old days of iRO beta 1 when there were only first classes and the system wasn’t so complicated. Now they stuffed so many things inside of the game that I dunno what to do with 1/10 of it. Plus my bad habit of choosing the slowest characters to level never helps. Just pray that I don’t fall behind on my work.

- Simple Panda

Controllable Bodily Functions

I wish… Unfortunately the comic is only partially true when it comes to things. If I had such control over my body it would be amazing as to what feats I could accomplish, unfortunately I don’t have such control (most of the time).

Not much to say for this rant, WoW Season 4 has begun for all you PVP fans out there. Unfortunately Blizzard was probably afraid to screw up awarding rewards for Season 3 so they delayed the awards for a week.

- r3cca

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