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Head drums - June 22, 2008


Thanks so far...

to everyone that has been keeping up with the recent updates to Random Applesauce, I just wanted to thank you. I hope everyone is enjoying what we have so far and are looking forward to the newer updates. I might start slowing the place by this week to get into a regularly schedule update of once a week.

I’ve recently been getting new job offers for illustration and design work so I think that will keep me busy for the most part, and I can’t forget the FanExpo convention coming around the end of August. So until the next update, keep smiling everyone!

- Simple Panda

Making Your Own Music...

Yet another way to release stressed that has seeped into the sub-conscious due to work.  Sometimes it occurs to me what kind of beats I can play while tapping on something, that being a desk, or a book or in this case my sister or my own head.  This has happened on numerous occasions and has worked quite well to create a form of amusement.

Started playing Ragnarok Online again, due to my overwhelming boredom that has ensued from too much World of Warcraft.  To be quite frank Ragnarok Online sucks… It causes an overwhelming amount of boredom when it comes to its solo grinding and continuous repetitive activities which results lack of versatility in gameplay.  It tends to fall short of the idea of being “diverse” and has a lot of imbalances when it comes to my favorite genre in games, player versus player.  However, since my friends are there playing with me, they manage to create random atmospheres of enjoyment that cause the concepts in the game to become much more enjoyable.

Anyways all for now, next week for all of those WoW fans … Season 4 starts next week.  Joy…

- r3cca

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