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Eye Candy Developers - June 15, 2008

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Random Applesauce's official launch!

That is right, I’ve finally decided to start drawing this newer comic strip which has been just an idea for more than half a year. This comic was initially something my younger brother and I were thinking of doing since he mentioned that my Rice Cafe comic was dying due to lack of updates… For those who were readers of my Rice Cafe comic I’m sure the layout looks very similar (yes too much work having to figure out a new layout!
Yes I know, I’m horrible when it comes to updating regularly but being a one woman show with all my other work doesn’t help. When we initially thought of this idea, my younger brother said he would help set up the comic script and help with other things for the comic…needless to say that just went down the drain besides helping with points of topic for the comic. So in the end I’ve set the script, the comic and the advertising and hopefully I can get back into the feel of updating something a little consistently.
If you want to know the story behind the name, check out the About the Comic section for more information.
Feel free to visit Rice Cafe periodically because I do feel I should update it if anything finish off the last bit of pages (since they are graduating already). Until next update!

- Simple Panda

Random Applesauce's offical launch!

I couldn’t come up with a different title so I stole my sisters!
To follow up on the comic, it ends up steming from a concept that our boss at work loves his eye candy when it comes to our development. He has alloted a lot of time to develop objects of superior eye catching material over actual… products. So in the end we’re pretty much oompa loompa’s in the big scale of chocolate err I mean programming development.
Edit: For those of you who don’t know about Willy Wonka these useful links should help enlighten you as to what your childhood has missed out on! The Oompa Loompas are the workers who make the chocolate for Willy Wonka, I could explain more but Wiki does it for me.

- r3cca

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